At the end of 2015, we started a Crowdfunding campaign to raise important funds which help keep our school’s operating budget on an even keel. All nonprofits face the need to fundraise even when many of us would rather focus our time on what we do–help twice-exceptional kids find a safe and supportive educational haven that helps them grow at their optimum! We are so humbled by the show of support that has come in thus far. We really appreciate our donors from the bottom of our heart.

Thank you:

Tracy and Augie Meier

The Labonty Family

Gary Schechner

Insight Vision Center Optometry

The Garrett Family

Paulette Fragoso

Bill Fusco

Bill Sibert

Lara Hamdan

Richard Beale and Taylor Obre

Ellen and Marty Rosen

Christine Spitzer

Dan and Liz Peters

Tisha Lancaster

Gary Lancaster

Ronda Lancaster

Sherry Lancaster

Corie and Jorge Wong

Carol Reid

Genevieve Rangel

Stanley and Janice Rosenstock

Peter Holt

We couldn’t do it without you. You are helping us mold more bright stars for our future!


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